State Agencies and Departments

Department of Revenue

Office on Disability
Executive Offices of Health and Human Services
Disabled Persons Protection Commission
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
Department of Developmental Services

Children and Families
Department of Children and Families
Department of Transitional Assistance

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

Department of Unemployment Assistance

Health Care
Office of Medicaid
Department of Mental Health
Department of Public Health

Department of Early Education and Care
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation

Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Registry of Motor Vehicles
Executive Office of Public Safety
Department of Public Safety

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Department of Energy Resources
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Agriculture

Banks and Insurance
Division of Banks
Division of Insurance

Professional Licensure
Division of Professional Licensure

Business and Workforce Development
Mass Office of Business Development
Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

Department of Housing and Community Development

Public Utilities
Department of Public Utilities