Lawmakers give millionaires’ tax overwhelming endorsement The Boston Globe

If a “millionaires’ tax” is approved by Mass. voters in 2018, on the next dollar you earn after your first million in annual income, you’ll pay approximately nine pennies rather than approximately five. Adds up to an income tax that’s progressive but still reasonable.

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Keep kids out of detention The Boston Globe

A budget priority of mine: The detention diversion program run by the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps is an initiative to prevent young people from re-entering the juvenile justice system. Its community-based support includes 24/7 case management — coordination with probation staff, face-to-face communication and curfew checks and weekly family check-ins.


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The carbon tax, an idea with appeal The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh writes, “Although carbon dioxide emissions are the primary contributor to manmade global warming, the price of carbon-based energy doesn’t reflect the environmental harm it causes.”  His favored solution: “put a price on carbon.”  My bill, S.1747, would do just that.  I want us to lead the way on an approach that other states — and eventually the entire country — can adopt.


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Innovation Sputters in Battle Against Climate Change The New York Times

Reports the New York Times, “In the race to develop technologies to slow climate change, the world is off track.” Which means it’s high time to put a price on carbon, as my legislation will do for Massachusetts.


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Obama bans some military-style gear given to police The Boston Globe

Nationwide, we’re seeing a trend towards the militarization of community police forces. The President’s action takes a wise step back towards balance.  Here in Mass., Rep. Mary Keefe and I have filed a bill to require local debate before military equipment transfers are allowed.


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Fighting Back Against Health Disparities WBUR

“Get off at Dudley Square, the diabetes rate is 11 percent; get off at Arlington, it’s just 3 percent.”

A bill I’ve filed would establish an Office of Health Equity to focus on reducing these types of health disparities along the lines of race, ethnicity or disability.

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Revisiting grad tax Boston Herald

Massachusetts is one of only 16 states that doesn’t have a graduated tax on personal income. A bill I’ve filed would amend the state constitution to include one. Let’s balance the tax burdens of our citizens and narrow our widening disparities in income. A constituent from Chelmsford, Adithya Raajkumar, makes the case.

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Knowledge Isn’t Power The New York Times

Food for thought: the NYT’s Paul Krugman suggests we can’t come up with good answers without asking good questions; such as, if there’s a shortage of educated workers, why haven’t the salaries of educated workers gone up?

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2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics The New York Times

This just in.  Yikes.  For the urgent consideration of the new Mass. Legislature, I’m proposing “An Act Combatting Climate Change.”  Pollution and health are huge expenses excluded from the prices of “fossil fuels” like coal, oil and natural gas; the taxpayer gets whacked with the expense later on.  If you want to reduce emissions, clean the air and cool the planet, ask us Mass. state legislators to go where British Columbia has already gone — to honest full pricing for fossil fuels.

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