State Lawmakers Urge Governor To Reduce Prison Population Faster As COVID-19 Spreads


Sen. Mike Barrett, a Democrat from Lexington, said he spearheaded the letter-writing effort because he is troubled that government officials have not been adhering to a directive by the Supreme Judicial Court to speed up the process. Earlier this month, the state’s top court released a ruling directing the Department of Correction and the Parole Board to “expedite” releases in a system where social distancing is almost impossible.

“I am annoyed that the spirit of the court decision is being subverted,’’ said Barrett in an interview with WGBH News.

Nobody from Baker’s team could be reached for comment about the letter. But in a press conference on Thursday, Baker said that officials from the state Department of Correction have been working with public health officials since early March to prevent the spread of the virus.

“There’s always going to be room for improvement,’’ he said.