Big Win for Lex. High School boys track team

The boys track and field team at Lexington High School just won the Division I state title. Here they are with the gov, who bonded with them over her own athletic accomplishments. I wish I could take some credit for their win, but I just wanted to bask in their glory. Congrats guys!

Lex. High School boys track team celebrates with Governor Healey and Sen. Barrett.

Legislator of the Year

Appreciated being named Legislator of the Year by The Arc of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council. Last year, with the help of tireless proponents, we achieved a number of wins, including my proposal to create a first-of-its kind commission to study the history of state institutions for those with disabilities. After the awards event, advocates fanned out around the State House to talk to legislators. There’s more work to do.

Sen. Barrett accepts Legislator of the Year award

Groundhog Day

Ground Hog
Groundhog Day - Gov. Healy and Sen. Barrett
Groundhog Day - Gov. Healy and Sen. Barrett
Groundhog Day - Gov. Healy and Sen. Barrett

Ms. G, goodwill ambassador for rodents everywhere in her capacity as official Groundhog of the Commonwealth, gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up this morning to Governor Maura Healey on the occasion of Groundhog Day. Kudos to Mass Audubon for hosting. According to Gov. Healey, Ms. G did not see her shadow, so we’re in store for an early spring.

The Arc of History

As I addressed a rally in Concord to mark the January 6th attacks on the Capitol, the spectacle of what unfolded in Washington in the past week was on our minds, too. The arc of history can take longer than we expect to come back our way, but it still bends toward justice. Our task is to do the work, so that the arc meets up with the world a little sooner.

Addressing a rally in Concord